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Here you can Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et.

              <div class="container">
  <div class"row">
    <div class="text-center">
      <div class="big-box">
        <h1><strong>Tribute to Michael Doohan</strong></h1>
        <center><img class="text-center larger-image border-image img-responsive" src="https://media.apnarm.net.au/img/media/images/2015/12/17/19970816000019505068-original_resized-m7hel3w70nkxj6kmdl2_fct838x628x164.0_ct620x465.jpg"></center>
        <h2 class="text-center"><strong>Michael Doohan in one of his many wins on the 1996-96 season.</strong>
  <div class="row">
      <h3 class="text-center">Here is a time-line of Michael Doohan's Life:</h2>
      <div class="img-responsive">
        <li><strong>1965</strong> - Born in Gold Coast, Brisbane (Australia).</li>
        <li><strong>1980s</strong> - Starts his racing career in the late 80s in Australian Superbikes Championship winning several races.</li>
        <li><strong>1988</strong> - Competes in Japanese and Australian's Superbike World Championship, winning 3 of the 4 rounds.</li>
        <li><strong>1989</strong> - Makes his debut in 500cc World Championship at the Japanese Grand Prix.</li>
        <li><strong>1990</strong> - First 500cc race win at the Hungarian Grand Prix in Hungaroring.</li>
        <li><strong>1991</strong> - Wins the Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race teaming with Wayne Gardner.</li>
        <li><strong>1992</strong> - Suffers a severe leg injury while competing in the Dutch TT. Watch the info on this accident<a href="https://youtu.be/VGSazyZ_uiA" target="_blank"> Here</a>.</li>
        <li><strong>1993</strong> - Despite his severe injury, he races along 1993 World Championship.</li>
        <li><strong>1994</strong> - Wins his first 500cc World Championship with Honda motorbikes.</li>
        <li><strong>1994 - 1998</strong> - Wins five consecutive 500cc World Championships dominating the 500cc class.</li>
        <li><strong>1996</strong> - Is made a member of the Order of Australia.</li>
        <li><strong>1999</strong> - Makes his last race appearance at the Japanese Grand Prix.</li>
        <li><strong>1999</strong> - Retires from active racing.</li>
        <li><strong>2000</strong> - Recieves the Australian Sports Medal.</li>
        <li><strong>2006</strong> - Marries with his partner after 11 years Selina Sines, and actually has two children.</li>
        <li><strong>2009</strong> - He was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.</li>
        <li><strong>Actual</strong> - He keeps linked with motorcycling world as part of Honda's Team.</li>
        <div class="text-center">
          <h5><strong>"The street is no place to race"</strong>
          <footer class="blue-text"><cite>Michael Doohan</cite></footer>
     <h2 class="text-center">If you'd like more detailed information on this great all-time racer, visit his entry on <a href"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mick_Doohan" target="_blank">Wikipedia</a>.</h2>
<div class="text-center">
    <h4>Coded by Carlos Ferrer Celdran</h4>
              body {
  margin-top: 20px;
  background-color: silver;
.text-centers {
  position: relative;
.blue-text {
    color: blue;
    margin-top: 10px;
.border-image {
    border-color: black;
    border-width: 3px;
    border-style: solid;
.image-background {
    background-color: white;

.big-box {
    background-color: white;
.font-verdana {
    font-family: verdana;
h1 {
    padding: 20px;
h2 {
    font-size: 18px;
    padding: 20px;
h3 {
    font-size: 20px;
    margin-top: 20px;
h4 {
    font-size: 12px;
    color: black;
    font-family: Sans-serif;
h5 {
    margin-top: 30px;
    font-family: Helvetica;
.larger-image {
    width: 900px;
    margin-top: 5px;
    margin-bottom: -20px;
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