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Responsive CSS table, that turns into an accordion menu on small screens. Change Radio inputs to Checkboxes to expand multiple sections.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this code. I used this accordion on my website and looks amazing! The only thing is I put "read more" type links in one of the row cells. The links are clickable when in the large screen form but not when turned into the accordion menu. See https://www.ultreyatours.com/caminos.htm Do you know why?

  2. Man its been so long since I made this. I'm glad someone put it to use. So it looks like the input is covering all of the content in the expanded section. I added this inside of the media query and it looks like it works

    input[type="radio"]:checked, input[type="checkbox"]:checked { z-index: -1; }

  3. That did solve the problem indeed! Perfect thank you so much for your prompt response :)

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