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              <h1>Marvel API</h1>
<div id="results">
  <p>Just testing out the Marvel API pulling some comics. For more information on the API go to <a href=""></a></p>


              $red: #f0141e
$padding: 20px

  background: #222
  text-align: center
  font-size: 60px
  color: $red

  padding: $padding

  color: $red
  margin: 50px auto
  max-width: 960px
  background: #eee

  margin: 0 auto
  padding: 0
  display: block
  display: inline-block
  padding: $padding
  max-width: 200px
  vertical-align: top



              // Public Key
// fc0e2b2bcfc273962ce941db43aa2039

var marvelAPI = '';
$.getJSON( marvelAPI, {
    apikey: 'fc0e2b2bcfc273962ce941db43aa2039'
    .done(function( response ) {
      var results =;
      var resultsLen = results.length;
      var output = '<ul>'; 
      for(var i=0; i<resultsLen; i++){
        if(results[i].images.length > 0) {
          var imgPath = results[i].images[0].path + '/standard_xlarge.' + results[i].images[0].extension;
          output += '<li><img src="' + imgPath + '"><br>'+results[i].title+'</li>';
      output += '</ul>'