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                    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-BVYiiSIFeK1dGmJRAkycuHAHRg32OmUcww7on3RYdg4Va+PmSTsz/K68vbdEjh4u" crossorigin="anonymous">

<div class="container-fluid">
    <img class="center-block" id="logo" src="" alt="Cartoon brown hamster in a blue ball holding a red heart">
    <h1>Bello the Hamster</h1>
        <p>The littlest floof with the biggest heart (and butt)</p>
        <img id="main-bello" class="center-block" src="">
        <p class="caption text-info">Bello, otherwise known as baby floof, little acrobat or lil unicorn</p>
        <div id="meeting-bello">
            <h3>Meeting Baby Floof</h3><br>
            <date>16th March 2017</date><br><br>
            <p class="center-block">On this particular Thursday, it was a mild
               12 degrees in not so sunny scotland, It was a day like any other. No one could have guessed that this would be the day that the cutest little floof would have stolen
		       our hearts.</p>
            <p class="center-block">As with most trips to Pets at Home, there
               was no intention at all of bringing a little fluffy home (said no one ever). So it was impossible to anticipate what would happen next.</p>
            <p class="center-block">Upon peering into the wall of temporary
               glass homes, it was almost ineveitable that our eyes would fall upon a little stack of wriggly fluff with tiny pink hands and toes and cute little noses poking out from all directions.</p>
            <p class="center-block">When this little stack was disturbed by the
               prospect of food, one by one the little <a href="" target="_blank">Syrian hamsters</a> scurried over to the food bowl.</p> 
            <p class="center-block">All but one tiny brown bundle of happiness
               who upon being freed from the bottom of the pile, tripped over himself before bounding over and pressing his cute little paws against the glass with his tiny little tongue poking out.</p>

            <img id="bello-home" class="img-rounded" src="" alt="little brown hamster peeking out of the green Pets at Home box he was brought home in.">
            <p class="text-info center-block">Welcome home little Bello.</p><br>
        <h2>Bello's Favourite Things</h2>
        <div class="row">
            <div class="col-sm-4">
        	    <img src="" alt="A small black and red synthetic pocket made just for hamsters.">
        	    <p>His Pocket</p>
            <div class="col-sm-4">
        	    <img src="" alt="A very photogenic brown hamster looking at the camera.">

            <div class="col-sm-4">
        	    <img src="" alt="Two popcorn covered treat sticks made especially for hanging up in hamster cages.">
        	    <p>Popcorn Treat Sticks</p>
        <h2>How to Look After a Hamster</h2>
        <p>Having a hamster as a pet is a big responsibility.
           They may be little but it is important that they are looked after properly. So if you are
           thinking of getting a Syrian hamster, make sure you know exactly how to care
           for them.</p>
         <p>Your challenge is to read <a href="" target="_blank">this guide on caring for your Syrian hamster</a>, and then test your 
         knowledge with the quiz below.</p>
         <div id="quiz">
         	<p>Question 1: How many Syrian hamsters can live in one cage? Choose one answer.</p>
               <div class="choices">
                   <label><input type="radio"> 1</label>
                   <label><input type="radio"> 2</label>
                   <label><input type="radio"> 3+</label>
         	<p>Question 2: What can you use as bedding? Choose all that apply.</p>
         	    <div class="choices">
        	        <label><input type="checkbox"> Paper Tissue</label><br>
        	        <label><input type="checkbox"> Sawdust</label><br>
        	        <label><input type="checkbox"> Cotton Wool</label><br>
        	        <label><input type="checkbox"> Hay</label><br>

         	<p>Question 3: How often should you play with your Syrian Hamster?</p>
         	<div class="choices">
                   <label><input type="radio"> Never</label>
                   <label><input type="radio"> Sometimes</label>
                   <label><input type="radio"> Frequently</label>         		

         	<p>Question 4: How often should you clean your hamster's cage?</p>
            <div class="choices">

                   <label><input type="radio"> Once a day</label>
                   <label><input type="radio"> Once a week</label>
                   <label><input type="radio"> Once a month</label>   

         	<p>Question 5: What type of food can your hamster eat?</p>
         	<div class="choices">
        	        <label><input type="checkbox"> Seeds</label><br>
        	        <label><input type="checkbox"> Brocoli</label><br>
        	        <label><input type="checkbox"> Oranges</label><br>
        	        <label><input type="checkbox"> Cucumber</label><br>    
        	    <summary>Reveal Answers</summary>
         		<p>Question 1: Only one adult Syrian Hamster can live in a cage at a time, because they end up fighting with each other which can lead to serious harm or even death.</p>
         		<p>Question 2: You can use all of the bedding mentioned above apart from cotton wool, because it can block their cheek pouches or cause them to choke.</p>
         		<p>Question 3: You should play with your hamster frequently. They are very sociable creatures (unless you're another Syrian hamster) and love to feel close to you.</p>

         		<p>Question 4: You should clean your hamster's cage once a week to ensure that their body waste doesn't build up and make them ill.</p>
         		<p>Question 5: Hamsters love nuts, seeds and non acidic fruit and veg. Foods like oranges, lemons and limes etc will make your hamster ill, so avoid them at all costs.</p>
			 <p>Created and coded by <a href="" target="_blank">Becca Williams</a> 2017</p>


		#logo {
			width: 15%;
			margin-top: 5%;
			margin-bottom: 5%;
		#main-bello {
			width: 50%;
			border-radius: 10%;
			margin-top: 5%;
			margin-bottom: 2%;
		#bello-home { 
		    margin-top: 5%;
			margin-bottom: 2%;
		.row img {
			width: 100%;
		.container-fluid {
			width: 70%;
			text-align: center
		.choices {
			text-align: left;

    #meeting-bello p {
        max-width: 500px;
		/*pretty it up*/
		#quiz {
			background-color: lightgray;
			font-weight: bold;
	    body {
			font-family: Segoe, Segoe UI, DejaVu Sans, Trebuchet MS, Verdana," sans-serif"
		#meeting-bello {
			background-color: lightgoldenrodyellow;
		footer {
			background-color: black;
			color: white;
		footer a {
			color: palevioletred;
			font: oblique;