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              <!-- Why CLX -->
  <div id="wrapper" />
  <!--Start of wrapper -->
  <div id="header" />
  <!--Start of header -->
  <div id="mast"><img src="http://i1256.photobucket.com/albums/ii488/terafanb/guildwars2/26.png" height="99" width="774=" /></div>
  <div id="below-mast" />
  <!--Start of below mast -->
  <div id="left" class="column"><img src="http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t60/Dragon_Aleph/fantasy_warrior_23022-800x600.jpg" height="297" width="226" border="0" alt="Crusader Army" /></div>
  <div id="center" class="column"><img src="http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t60/Dragon_Aleph/fantasy_warrior_23022-800x600.jpg" height="297" width="400" border="0" alt="Crusader Army" /></div>
  <div id="right" class="column"><img src="http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t60/Dragon_Aleph/fantasy_warrior_23022-800x600.jpg" height="297" width="139" border="0" alt="Crusader Army" /></div>
    <!--end of below mast -->
  <!--end of header -->
  <div id="content" />
  <!--Start of content -->
  <div class="Heading">Forward Exchange *</div>
  $500.00 - collected upon the closing of the Relinquished Property.
  $500.00 - collected upon closing of each Replacement Property purchased.
  * Special credits may apply - Call Us.<br>
  <div id="we-pay">
    <div class="Heading">We pay interest</div>
    We provide full disclosure of the fees involved in the transaction in the Exchange Agreement. Our customers are entitled to receive earned interest based on the First National Bank of Durango Investment Money Market rate, from the time when the Relinquished Property funds are initially deposited. Interest does not accrue on those funds withdrawn during the first 30 calendar days after the funds are deposited in the Exchange Trust Account. Also, interest does not accrue if customer elects to have exchange funds held at First National Bank of Durango in an Unlimited FDIC insurance non-interest bearing account (available through December 31, 2012)
  <br />
  <div class="Heading">
    Safe-Harbor Reverse Exchange <br />
    <h2>We charge the following fees:</h2>
  <div id="prices">$2,500.00 – Title holding fee<br /> 
    $500.00 – LLC fee<br />
    $200.00 – Monthly Rent<br />
    Plus – Forward Exchange fees<br />
    <br />
  <div id="note">
    <p>Note: If any improvements need to be made to the parked property,
      being held by the EAT ( Exchange Accommodator Titleholder )
      there will be an additional fee of 1% of the final sales price to Taxpayer.
      <div id="disclaimer">Fees are subject to change without prior notice</div>
    <!--End of content -->
    <div id="footer">
      <a href="index.html">Home</a><!--start of footer -->
      <strong>l</strong> <a href="whatIs1031.html">What is a 1031 Exchange?</a> <strong>l</strong> <a href="exchangeRequ.html">
      1031 Exchange Requirements</a> <strong>l</strong> <a href="typesOfExchange.html">Types of Exchanges</a><strong>l</strong><a href="howToStart.html">How to get Started</a> <br>
      <div id="Second-Half">              
        <a href="whyCLX.html">Why CLX?</a><strong>l</strong> <a href="resources.html">Resources</a> <strong>l</strong> <a href="fAQs.html">FAQs</a> <strong>l</strong> <a href="fees.html">Fees</a> 
        <a href="contactUs.html">Contact Us</a>
      </div><!--end of Second-Half -->
    <!--end of footer -->
  <!--End of Wrapper -->
              * {

#wrapper {margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;width:774px;}/*centers the content*/
#below-mast { width:774px; overflow:hidden; }
#left {height:297px; width:29%; margin:4px;margin-left:0px;}
#center{height:297px; width:51%; margin:4px;}
#right {height:297px; width:17%; margin:4px;}
#left,  #center, #right { float:left;margin-bottom:50px;}
#content{overflow:;margin:0px;margin-top:100px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;margin-right:50px;margin-left:50px;}
.Heading{font-size:19px;font-weight:bold;text-align:center; text-decoration:underline}
#we-pay{font-size:13px}/*changing the em here makes prices smaller*/
#prices{text-align:center; font-size:20px;}
#disclaimer{font-size:13px; text-align:center; font-weight:bold;font-style:italic; }
#footer,a:link{font-family:Helvetica, sans-serif;color:#300000; margin-top:50px;}
#Second-Half{margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;width:450px;}/*This makes the second line of links in the content center*/
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