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              h1.title Stylus Cache Function
span.subtitle Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
 * Stylus Cache Function
 * This is a demo of the cache function included
 * with Stylus.
 * Try making $useCache false. You'll see that
 * by default, Stylus outputs all properties created
 * by the `funkyText` mixin each time it's used.
 * 1. The `maybeCache` function is for demo purposes
 *    only. It's a wrapper for Stylus' cache function
 *    that allows us to easily switch caching on
 *    or off.
 * 2. If caching is enabled, we call Stylus' cache
 *    mixin with the passed arguments.
 * 3. Cache is a "block" mixin; meaning it receives
 *    and can use Stylus blocks.
 * 4. We use a static cache key here because
 *    the font is the same every time the mixin is
 *    called. It should always be cached.
 * 5. `$colour` and `$size` can change each time the
 *    mixin is called. We create a cache key for each
 *    (prefixed with the mixin name to avoid conflicts).
 *    Whenever the key matches an existing item, Stylus
 *    extends, rather than duplicates, the matching block.
$useCache = true
//$useCache = false
$lilac = #a56cc1
$blizzard = #ace7ef

maybeCache() // [1]
    +cache(arguments) // [2]
      {block} // [3]

funkyText($colour, $size)
  +maybeCache('funkyText', 'font-family') // [4]
    font-family karla

  +maybeCache('funkyText', $colour) // [5]
    color $colour
  +maybeCache('funkyText', $size) // [5]
    font-size $size

  background $lilac

  funkyText #fff 6vw

  funkyText $blizzard 1.2rem

  funkyText $blizzard 1.2rem

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