Delving into the Computer Science major has made it easy to become sidetracked from what originally brought me into the field -- my love for technologic visuals. With mandatory courses predominantly focusing on backend and algorithms (which are certainly useful and serve a large foundation in Computer Science), my thirst for frontend development has often been parched.

I quickly realized that if I wanted to pursue frontend/graphic design in this major, I needed to take initiative and teach myself to pursue my passion. So over the Summer of 2015, I poured over articles on Human Computer Interaction and UI/UX. I strived to constructively critique all websites, graphic designs, and logos I encountered. I craved creating code that was both to-the-point and responsive for both web and mobile. I challenged myself to cut down as much fluff as possible, and articulate designs that were minimalistic and intuitive. The product of my efforts was:

As someone about to graduate from college soon, I am eager to find more outlets to further continue my passion, challenge my creative side, and improve my coding.

So here I am. Hello Codepen!

Pen Description: This is a responsive piece to both mouse movement and window width resizing.

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