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                <circle-text r="3em" rotate="-90deg">
  CSS is super fun & cool & I like CSS!!!
<circle-text r="70">
  Our Tricks Are Treats Because CSS Is Sweet!
<circle-text style="color: hotPink; text-shadow: lightYellow 1px 1px 2px;">
  CSS in JS in CSS in JS in CSS in JS in CSS in JS in CSS in JS in CSS in JS

<script> // for the demo only
  window.addEventListener("load", testScriptedCreation);
  function testScriptedCreation() {    
    let ct = document.createElement("circle-text");
    ct.textContent = "123456789";
    window.setTimeout(()=>{ct.textContent="updated live from script"}, 1000);
    window.setTimeout(()=>{ct.setAttribute("r", "3em")}, 2000);
    window.setTimeout(()=>{ct.setAttribute("rotate", "0.5turn")}, 3000);


                /* to hide the content when custom elements aren't supported */
circle-text {
  display: none;
circle-text:defined {
  display: inline-block;

/* styles for this demo */
circle-text {
  /* customize the color and font as normal with CSS */
  color: skyBlue;
  text-transform: uppercase;
  font: large Tahoma, sans-serif;
  vertical-align: middle;
  /* position as you wish */

body {
  background: #222;



                if (window.customElements && document.body.attachShadow) { //mustard
class CircleText extends HTMLElement {
  static get observedAttributes() {
    return ['r', 'rotate'];
  static defaultRadius = 100;
  constructor() {
    let shadow = this.attachShadow({mode: 'open'});
    shadow.innerHTML = `
<svg id="s">
    svg { display: block; overflow: visible; padding: 1em; }
    textPath { fill: currentColor; }
  <defs><path id="p"/><circle id="r"/></defs>
  <text id="t"><textPath id="tp" xlink:href="#p"></textPath></text>
    // save links to the elements we'll need to modify
    this.svg = shadow.getElementById("s");
    this.path = shadow.getElementById("p");
    this.text = shadow.getElementById("t");
    this.textPath = shadow.getElementById("tp");
    // SVGLength object on a circle for unit conversion for path data
    // (since Safari and Firefox don't support text on a <circle> element)
    this.radius = shadow.getElementById("r").r.baseVal;
    // create a mutation observer for text content updates
    let watchText = new MutationObserver(this.updateText.bind(this));
    watchText.observe(this, {childList: true, characterData: true});
  connectedCallback() {
    // re-calculate dimensions, in case of font-relative units
  attributeChangedCallback(name, oldValue, newValue) {
    switch (name) {
      case "r":
        if (this.svg.isConnected) this.updateRadius(newValue);
      case "rotate":
  updateRadius(newValue) {
    var r;
    if (this.svg.isConnected) {
      //force an initial style calc to get em values
      let f = getComputedStyle(this.svg)["font-size"];
    try {
      this.radius.valueAsString = newValue;
      r = this.radius.value;
    } catch(e) {
      r = CircleText.defaultRadius;
    let d = 2*r;
    let offset = -1*r;
      {name: "height", value:d },
      {name: "width", value:d },
      {name: "viewBox", value: [offset, offset, d, d].join() }
      ({name, value})=>this.svg.setAttribute(name, value)
      `M${-r},0 A${r},${r},0 1 1 ${r},0 A${r},${r},0 1 1 ${-r},0Z`
  updateTransform(rotate) {
    if (rotate) {["transform"] = `rotate(${rotate})`;
    } else {["transform"] = "none";
  updateText() {
    this.textPath.textContent = this.textContent.trim();
}//end class
customElements.define("circle-text", CircleText, {});