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<div class="container">
  <div class="jumbotron">
    <div class="row">
      <div class="col-md-25">
        <h1 class="text-center">Srinivasa Ramanujan</h1>
        <h2 class="text-center"><em>The Man who knew Infinity</em></h2>
        <div class="thumbnail"><img src="">
          <div class="caption text-center">(22 December 1887 – 26 April 1920)
        <h3 class="text-center" style="padding:20px">A Brief Timeline of S.Ramanjuan's Life</h3>
        <div class="col-md-8 col-md-offset-2">
          <ul style="list-style-type:none">
            <li><strong>1887:</strong> Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22 December 1887 into a Tamil Brahmin Iyengar family in Tamil Nadu
                <li><strong>1898:</strong>He obatained a book by S. L. Loney on advanced trigonometry He mastered this by the age of 13(1900) while discovering sophisticated theorems on his own
                    <li><strong>2001:</strong> He was introduced to solving cubic equations. Later on he went on to find his own method to solve the quartics.</li><br>
                    <li><strong>1904:</strong> Ramanujan independently developed and investigated the Bernoulli numbers and calculated the Euler–Mascheroni constant up to 15 decimal places</li><br>

                    <li><strong>1906:</strong>Ramanujan failed his Fellow of Arts exam again and again. Without a FA degree, he left college and continued to pursue independent research in mathematics, living in extreme poverty and often on the brink of starvation.</li><br>
                    <li><strong>1909:</strong>Ramanujan got married to a Janaki (Janakiammal)</li><br>
                    <li><strong>1911:</strong>Ramanunans first paper "Some Properties of Bernoulli's Numbers" was published in the Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society</li><br>
                    <li><strong>2007:</strong>Ramanujan travelled to England in 1914 and worked alongside G. H. Hardy</li><br>
                    <li><strong>1916:</strong>Ramanujan was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree by research (this degree was later renamed PhD) in March 1916 for his work on highly composite numbers, the first part of which was published as a paper in the
                      Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society.</li><br>
                    <li><strong>1917:</strong>Ramanujan was elected to the London Mathematical Society</li><br>
                    <li><strong>1918:</strong>Ramanujan was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.Ramanujan was one of the youngest Fellows in the history of the Royal Society.</li><br>
                    <li><strong>1919:</strong>Ramanujan returned to Kumbakonam </li><br>
                    <li><strong>1920:</strong>Ramanujan Died on 26th April 1920 at the age of 32. </li><br>
                    <li><strong>2011:</strong> In 2011, on the 125th anniversary of his birth, the Indian Government declared that 22 December will be celebrated every year as National Mathematics Day.</li><br>
            <p>"Paul Erdős has passed on to us Hardy's personal ratings of mathematicians. Suppose that we rate mathematicians on the basis of pure talent on a scale from 0 to 100, Hardy gave himself a score of 25, J. E. Littlewood 30, David Hilbert 80 and
              Ramanujan 100."</p>
            <footer><cite>Bruce C. Berndt</cite></footer>
          <h3 class="text-center" style="padding:15px">To know more about the life of this Great Human Being please visit <a href="" target="_blank">Srinivasa Ramanujan Wiki</a></h3>
<div class="footer text-center">
  <p>Written and coded by Akashd7</a>