So basically, I am pretty bad at writing so I apologize in advance.

I am not "professionally" a frontend designer but I hope to be someday. In this journey to a frontend developer job, I have been working and taping into different Frameworks, libraries, I even went to the extent of

"BACKEND DEVELOPMENT" like bruh!!!!!

It took me like 7 months to realize my programming love is JS and sometimes JAVA, sometimes, sometimes. But after working with MeteorJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Jquery, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to stick with ReactJS. I am not a pro at Javascript but I feel very comfortable with reactjs. My corrent toolkit is HTML,CSS, pure JS and ReactJS. Currently I began learning SVG because I want to be an awesome designer. It is really a learning curve but eh!... everything is. I hope to apply for jobs soon but I do not feel "worthy to lift the hammer" :| . Let's do this! Check out my codepen to see what I can do!

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