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Made in webflow.com

Tempt Homer Simpson with a doughnut.

Took about 30 minutes and Built Homer Simpson with a few div blocks, css and then added some mouse movement interactions.

A challenge for pen creators: after you code a Pen or a Project, pick one part of the code you can explain and write a post about it.

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Draw with loops

In here I will document some methods for time-based drawing using simple loops

Before getting into the details, I'll start by going through a basic canvas setup that will give me some of the...

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Sass Mixins for Buttons/Links

A collection of Sass mixins for buttons and links that could be used easily in any project.

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Awesome Navigation

A collection of pens that feature cool navigation elements

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CodePen Challenge #3: Favorite Google Font Pairs

Entries to the third Tuts+ Web Design community challenge run through CodePen. Read more and see our favorites!