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              <h1>Responsively crop copy, restore onclick via typed animation</h1>

<p>Responsively crop content copy down to a user-defined number of lines.<br>Click to restore content via a typed animation.</p>
<p>Vanilla JavaScript running at 60fps.<br>1K approx minified &amp; gzipped.</p>

<p>UPDATED: Please take a loook at the smooth drop-down version: <a href="">Responsively crop copy, restore onclick via sliding drop-down animation</a></p>

<p>GitHub repo: <a href="" target=_blank title="[new window]">crop-copy-restore</a></p>

<h2>Single line crop</h2>
<div class=txt data-cropCopyRestore>My wife Maria, loves hot spicy food. I found this out on our first date. She said “I really fancy a curry”. Well, I was keen to impress so I said, “great, that’s my favourite too ”But it isn’t, never has been. We’ve been married 15 years and I still haven’t let on. Don’t know why. But whenever I cook her favourite chicken gujarati extra spicy, with green beans and fresh ginger, I do what any self-respecting chef would do. I cheat. I put a king size spoonful of natural yoghurt in mine. And I keep schtum.</div>

<h2>Three lines</h2>
<div class=txt data-cropCopyRestore=3>Sometimes, it's the undemandingly easy, everyday, recipes that deliver the most joy. For 'Iain' and his dad, from our Food Love Story, it's croque monsieur – they first had it on a joint trip to France, and since then it's become their favourite weekend lunch. Iain's made a few changes to it along the way (bonjour, wafer thin roast turkey) – but for him and his dad, it's most definitely 'proper'.</div>

<h2>Two lines</h2>
<div class=txt data-cropCopyRestore=2>Any parent will probably be able to relate to 'Sunita' in our Food Love Story. Kids can be champion fussy eaters, especially when it comes to vegetables. Here's a genius solution – meatballs packed with under-the-radar veg. Sunita's kids love them, and are none the wiser.</div>

<p>Considered too jarring visually.<br>Project to be redeveloped with smooth text expansion.</p>

<p class=smaller><a target=_blank title="[new window]" href="">Pens by Mike Foskett</a> &mdash; <a target=_blank title="[new window]" href="">webSemantics</a></p>
              .txt {
  margin: 2rem;
[data-cropCopyRestore][role="button"] {
  display: block;
  padding: .75rem 1rem;
  background-color: #000;
  transition: all .3s ease-out;
  -ms-touch-action: manipulation;
  touch-action: manipulation;
[data-cropCopyRestore][role="button"]:focus {
  outline: 0 dotted #fff;
  box-shadow: 0 0 0 4px rgba(255, 255, 255, .5);
[data-cropCopyRestore][role="button"]:hover {
  box-shadow: 0 0 0 4px rgba(255, 255, 255, .5);
  cursor: pointer;

/* Required */
.-clone {
  visibility: hidden;
  opacity: 0;
  z-index: -1;

              // Crop copy responsively, to user-defined number of lines, then restore onclick - v1.0 - 08/01/2017 - M.J.Foskett -
var cropCopyRestore = function (window, document) {

  "use strict";

  var dataAttr = "data-cropCopyRestore";
  var buttonId = "cropCopyRestore_btn-";
  var ellipsis = "…"; // "\u2026"
  var clonedClass = "-clone";

  var debounce=function(e,t,n){var a;return function(){var r=this,i=arguments,o=function(){a=null,n||e.apply(r,i)},s=n&&!a;clearTimeout(a),a=setTimeout(o,t||200),s&&e.apply(r,i)}};

// String cropping functions

  function _removeLastOccur(str, removeStr) {
    return str.substring(0, str.lastIndexOf(removeStr));

  function _removeTrailingPunct(str) {
    return str.replace(/[ .,!?:;"“‘'\-]+$/, "");

// Display and animation functions

  function _animLoop(f,g){function b(c){if(!1!==d){window.requestAnimationFrame(b,g);var e=c-a;160>e&&(d=f(e));a=c}}var d,a=+new Date;b(a)}
  // Usage:
  //animLoop(function(deltaT) {
  // = (left += 10 * deltaT / 16) + "px";
  //  if (left > 400) {
  //    return false;
  //  }
  // optional 2nd arg: elem containing the animation
  //}, animationFunction);

  function _display(obj, str) {
    obj.textContent = str;

  function _displayAppend(obj, str) {
    _display(obj, obj.textContent + str);

  function _displayCroppedText(obj) {
    _display(obj, obj.croppedTxt + ellipsis)

  function _resetAttr(obj, bool) {
    obj.setAttribute("aria-expanded", bool);
    obj.transitioning = false;

  function _addRemainerText(obj) {
    var textArr = obj.remainerTxt.split(" ");
    var i = 0;

    window.requestAnimationFrame(function() {

      // remove ellipsis
      _display(obj, obj.croppedTxt);

      _animLoop(function() {
        _displayAppend(obj, textArr[i] + " ");
        if (i >= textArr.length - 1) {
          _resetAttr(obj, true);
          return false;
        i += 1;

  function _removeRemainerText(obj) {
    var textArr = obj.remainerTxt.split(" ");
    var i = textArr.length;

    _animLoop(function() {
      i -= 1;
      _display(obj, _removeLastOccur(obj.textContent, " " + textArr[i]));
      if (i <= 0) {
        _resetAttr(obj, false);
        return false;

// Set copy

  function _getRemainerText(obj) {
    return obj.fullTxt.replace(obj.croppedTxt, "");

  function _createClone(obj, str) {
    // create an invisible clone (used to get an objects height)
    var clone = obj.cloneNode(true);
    clone.setAttribute("class", obj.className + " " + clonedClass);
    clone.textContent = str;
    obj.parentNode.insertBefore(clone, obj.nextSibling);
    clone.initialHeight = clone.clientHeight;
    return clone;

  function _getCroppedText(obj) {
    var txtArr = obj.fullTxt.split(" ");
    var i = 0;
    var lines = 1;
    var clone = _createClone(obj, txtArr[i] + " ");

    for (i = 1; i < txtArr.length; i++) {
      _displayAppend(clone, txtArr[i] + ellipsis);
      if (clone.clientHeight !== clone.initialHeight) {

        if (lines + "" === obj.noOfLines) {
          _display(clone, _removeLastOccur(clone.textContent, txtArr[i] + ellipsis));
        clone.initialHeight = clone.clientHeight;

      // Bit of an assumption
      _display(clone, clone.textContent.replace(txtArr[i] + ellipsis, txtArr[i] + " "));


    _display(clone, _removeTrailingPunct(clone.textContent));
    return clone.textContent;

// Handle events

  function _clicked(event) {
    var obj =;
    if (!obj.transitioning) {
      obj.transitioning = true;
      if (obj.getAttribute("aria-expanded") === "true") {
      } else {

  function _keyPressed(event) {
    // Enter or space key
    if (event.which === 13 || event.which === 32) {

  function _addEvents(obj) {
    obj.addEventListener("click", _clicked, false);
    obj.addEventListener("keydown", _keyPressed, false);

  function _removeEvents(obj) {
    obj.removeEventListener("click", _clicked);
    obj.removeEventListener("keydown", _keyPressed);

// Initialisation

  function _initialiseAttributes(obj, i) {
    var str = obj.getAttribute(dataAttr);
    obj.noOfLines = (/^([1-9]\d*)$/.test(str)) ? str : "1"; // 1 - 9 only
    obj.fullTxt = obj.textContent;
    obj.setAttribute("id", || buttonId + i);
    obj.setAttribute("role", "button");
    obj.setAttribute("tabindex", "0");

  function start() {

    var objs = document.querySelectorAll("[" + dataAttr + "]");
    var i = objs.length;
    var obj;

    while (i--) {

      obj = objs[i];

      // In case it's a resize call rather than initialisation
      if (obj.fullTxt) {
      } else {
        _initialiseAttributes(obj, i);

      // Reset, or initialise, common attributes
      _resetAttr(obj, false);
      obj.croppedTxt = _getCroppedText(obj);
      obj.remainerTxt = _getRemainerText(obj);


  window.addEventListener("resize", debounce(start, 100, false), false);

}(window, document);

window.addEventListener("load", cropCopyRestore, false);