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              <h1>FAQ using <abbr title="Accessible Rich Internet Applications">ARIA</abbr> roles to meet <abbr title="Web Content Accessibility Guidelines">WCAG</abbr> 2 level AA [without a button]</h1>
<p>This version replaces the activating button with a span in an accessible manner. - Due to a deployment issues on the Tesco servers where all buttons are set to submit. Rubbish I know! How am I supposed to work under these conditions?</p>

<dl class="dl-faq pab_container">

  <dt data-pab=faq_1><span>Is the content fully hidden?</span></dt>

  <dd id=faq_1>
      <p>This content is hidden both visually and aurally, and doesn't appear in the keychain until the button is activated (expanded = true).</p>

  <!-- adding data-pab-expand will force section open by default -->
  <dt data-pab=faq_2  data-pab-expand><span>May an answer be displayed by default?</span></dt>

  <dd id=faq_2>
      <p>Apparently yes.</p>
      <p>This content is available by default until the button deactivates it (expanded = false) which removes it visually, aurally and from the keychain.</p>
      <p>Add the attribute <code>data-pab-expand</code> to the <code>dt</code> to open it by default.</p>

  <dt data-pab=faq_3><span>Can an answer be opened by <abbr title="Universal Resource Location">URL</abbr> reference?</span></dt>

  <dd id=faq_3>
      <p>Any question may be expanded on page load by referencing its <code>id</code> in the URL.</p>
      <p>For example this content could be automatically opened by adding "#faq_3" to the URL in the address bar like so:<br>
        <a target=_blank title="[new window]" href="https://codepen.io/2kool2/pen/ZOkojB#faq_3">https://codepen.io/2kool2/pen/ZOkojB#faq_3</a></p>
      <p>The focus caret is moved to the activation button when referenced in this manner.</p>

  <dt id=q_4 data-pab=faq_4><span>Can an anchor scroll to a question and then open the answer?</span></dt>

  <dd id=faq_4>
      <p>Yes, though it only opens on first click. After which it simply scrolls the question to the top of the viewport.</p>
      <p>Add an unique <code>id</code> value to the question <code>dt</code> then reference the <code>id</code> in the anchors <code>href</code>.</p>

  <dt data-pab=faq_5><span>Will it work with the font size scaled-up 200%?</span></dt>

  <dd id=faq_5>
      <p>The height of a hidden block is calculated when the activaton button is pressed. It's also recalculated when the browser window is resized.</p>
      <p>In fact this module should easily scale to 300%, limited only by the display width and word length.</p>


<p>Can an anchor <a href="#q_4">open an answer</a> from just an id reference?</p>

<h2>How it works</h2>

<p>Takes a <code>dl</code> list and wraps each of its <code>dt</code> content with a <code>span</code> with <code>role=button</code>. The <code>dt</code> is targeted by the <code>data-pab</code> attribute which has the value of the <code>id</code> of the <code>dd</code> to show or hide.</p>

<p>Adding the attribute <code>data-pab-expand</code> to a <code>dt</code> will make a <code>dd</code> open by default.</p>

<p>If a <code>dd</code> <code>id</code> value is referenced as a fragment identifier in the <abbr title="Uniform Reference Locator">URL</abbr>, then it is also opened by default.</p>

<p>The code is very semantically written but has one caveat. It only allows a single <code>dd</code> per <code>dt</code> which is fine for an FAQ (but not so for a dictionary).</p>

<p>Note to self: Don't use "Lorem Ipsum" as place-holder text when sending for screen-reader testing. I nearly cried when I heard the gibberish spoken by Jaws today. Marking the block with a <code>lang="la"</code> may be technically correct but hardly aids comprehension.</p>

<p>GitHub repo: <a target=_blank title="[new window]" href="https://github.com/2kool2/accessible-faq">accessible-faq</a></p>

<svg style="display:none">

			<symbol viewBox="0 0 38 38" id="icon-plus">
				<path class="icon-plus-v" d="M10.5 19l17 0"></path>
				<path class="icon-plus-h" d="M19 10.5l0 17"></path>

			<symbol viewBox="0 0 38 38" id="icon-minus">
				<path class="icon-plus-v" d="M10.5 19l17 0"></path>
			<!-- vert and hori combined make up the plus icon and allow for animation -->
			<symbol viewBox="0 0 38 38" id="icon-vert">
				<path d="M19 10.5l0 17"></path>
			<symbol viewBox="0 0 38 38" id="icon-hori">
				<path d="M10.5 19l17 0"></path>


<!-- Footer -->
  padding: 0;
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

/* FAQ container */

.dl-faq {
  position: relative;
  max-width: 36rem;
  margin: 2rem auto 3rem;

.dl-faq > dt {
  font-size: 1.2rem;
  font-weight: 100;
  padding: 1rem;

  /* Fix for IE9 & 10 */
  border-top: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255,.2);

dt > .pab-btn {
  color: inherit;
  background-color: inherit;
.dl-faq > dt:first-child .pab-btn,
.dl-faq > dt:first-child {
  border-top: 0;

.dl-faq.pab_container > dt {
  /* added via JS */
  padding: 0;

.dl-faq > dd {
  margin: 0 auto;
  padding: 0 1.5em;

.dl-faq > dd > div {
  padding: 0 0 2rem;

.dl-faq div > p {
  margin: 0 0 1rem;

.dl-faq div >:last-child {
  margin: 0;

/* The acivating buttons added via JS */

.pab-btn {
  position: relative;
  display: inline-block; /* added to support span[role=button] */
  cursor: pointer;
  transition: color .3s ease-in;

  /* Using absolute positioning for SVG so reserve some space */
  padding: 1rem 2.5rem 1rem .5rem;
  border: 0 solid transparent;
  border-top: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,.75);

  /* inherit doesn't work in IE */
  font-size: inherit;
  text-align: left;
  width: 100%;

.pab-btn:active {
  background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.25);

.pab-btn:focus {
  outline: 0 solid;

.pab-btn::-moz-focus-inner {
  border: 0;
  padding: 0;
  margin-top: -2px;
  margin-bottom: -2px;

/* Underline text on button hover (Tesco requirement) */

.pab-btn > span {
  position: relative;
  /* Removes button drepression in IE */
  pointer-events: none;
  /* Required by Safari */
  border-bottom: 1px solid transparent;
  transition: border-color .3s;

.pab-btn:hover > span,
.pab-btn:focus > span {
  border-bottom-color: rgba(255,255,255,.5);

.pab-btn:active > span {
  border-bottom-color: transparent;

/* SVG plus */

.pab-svg-plus {
  /* Tesco requirement
  border: 2px solid currentColor; */
  border-radius: 100%;
  display: block;
  position: absolute;
  top: calc(50% - .75em);
  right: 4px;
  width: 1.5em;
  height: 1.5em;
  margin: 0;
  pointer-events: none;
  stroke-width: 4;
  stroke-linecap: square;
  stroke: currentColor;
  -webkit-transition: transform .7s ease-out, box-shadow .3s ease-out;
  transition: transform .7s ease-out, box-shadow .3s ease-out;

.pab-btn:hover .pab-svg-plus,
.pab-btn:focus .pab-svg-plus {
  /* Same colour as text but with .4 alpha */
  /* Tesco requirement
  box-shadow: 0 0 0 4px rgba(0, 83, 159, 0.4);*/

.pab-btn:active .pab-svg-plus {
  /* Tesco requirement
  box-shadow: 0 0 0 4px rgba(0, 83, 159, 0);*/

[aria-expanded="true"] > .pab-svg-plus {
  transform: rotateZ(360deg);

.use-plus {
  /* used to animate plus into minus */
  -webkit-transition: stroke .5s ease-out, opacity .7s ease-out;
  transition: stroke .5s ease-out, opacity .7s ease-out;

[aria-expanded=true] .use-plus {
  opacity: 0;

.isSafari .pab-btn .pab-svg-plus {
  box-shadow: none;

/* Open / close animation - The inaccurate CSS max-height is resolved via JS adding an inline style */

[data-pab] + [aria-hidden] {
  overflow: hidden;
  opacity: 1;
  max-height: 50rem;
  visibility: visible;
  transition: visibility 0s ease 0s, max-height .65s ease-out 0s, opacity .65s ease-in 0s;

[data-pab] + [aria-hidden="true"] {
  max-height: 0;
  opacity: 0;
  visibility: hidden;
  transition-delay: .66s, 0s, 0s;

/* Overide the max-height set as an inline style by the JS */

[data-pab] + [style][aria-hidden="true"] {
  max-height: 0 !important;
// https://john-dugan.com/javascript-debounce/
// https://codepen.io/johndugan/pen/BNwBWL?editors=001
var debounce = function(func, wait, immediate) {

  "use strict";

  var timeout;
  return function() {
    var context = this;
    var args = arguments;
    var later = function() {
      timeout = null;
      if ( !immediate ) {
        func.apply(context, args);
    var callNow = immediate && !timeout;
    timeout = setTimeout(later, wait || 200);
    if ( callNow ) {
      func.apply(context, args);

// peek-a-boo.7.3.js - Mike Foskett - https://websemantics.uk/articles/peek-a-boo-v7/

// Show - hide a block - adapted for FAQ
// Requires:
//    setAttribute / getAttribute (IE9+)
//    classList (IE10+)  - disabled
//    addEventListener (IE9+)
//    requestAnimationFrame (IE10+) - replace with requestAF() for IE9
//    querySelectorAll
//    preventDefault
//    debounce()


// FAQ version:
// v7.4.1 Changed: use a span instead of button
// v7.4 Added: open an question from an internal anchor
// v7.3 Expanded when URI fragment matches the target ID
// v7.2 HTML button reinstated, js adjusted.
//			Initial open/close state reworked

var Pab = (function (window, document, debounce) {
	// Terminology used:
	// toggle - The dynamically added button used to toggle the hidden content
	// target - The object which contains the hidden content
	// toggleParent - The object which will, or does, contain the toggle button

  "use strict";

  var dataAttr = "data-pab";
  var attrName = dataAttr.replace("data-", "") + "_";
  var btnClass = dataAttr.replace("data-", "") + "-btn";
	var dataExpandAttr = dataAttr + "-expand";
  var internalId = 1;

  function $ (selector) {
    return Array.prototype.slice.call(document.querySelectorAll(selector));

  function _isExpanded (obj) { // or not aria-hidden
    return obj && (obj.getAttribute("aria-expanded") === "true" || obj.getAttribute("aria-hidden") === "false");

	// This function is globally reusable. Perhaps externalise for reuse?  
	// Get height of an element object
  // Assumes it is hidden by max-height: 0 in the CSS
	var _getHiddenObjectHeight = function (obj) {
    obj.setAttribute("style", "max-height: none");
		var height = obj.scrollHeight;
		return height;

  var _openCloseToggleTarget = function (toggle, target, isExpanded) {
    toggle.setAttribute("aria-expanded", !isExpanded);
      target.setAttribute("aria-hidden", isExpanded);

  var _setToggleMaxHeight = function (target) {
    if (_isExpanded(target)) {
      // max-height overidden by CSS !important
      // target.style.maxHeight = 0;
    } else {
      target.style.maxHeight = _getHiddenObjectHeight(target) + "px";

  var _toggleClicked = function (event) {

    var toggle = event.target;
    var target;
    var isExpanded;

    if (toggle) {

			// To prevent children bubbling up to parent causing more than one click event

      target = document.getElementById(toggle.getAttribute("aria-controls"));
      if (target) {
        isExpanded = _isExpanded(toggle);
        _openCloseToggleTarget(toggle, target, isExpanded);

  var _keypressed = function (e) {
    if (e.keyCode === 32 || e.keyCode === 13) { // space || enter

  var _addToggleListeners = function (toggle) {

    toggle.addEventListener("keydown", _keypressed, false);
    // Add enter and space to allow keyboard activation
    toggle.addEventListener("click", _toggleClicked, false);


  var _setUpToggle = function (toggle) {

		// Create a html span to use as a button, add content from parent, replace original parent content.
		var btn = document.createElement("span");

    // Make the span a button equivalent
		btn.setAttribute("role", "button");
    btn.setAttribute("tabindex", "0");
		btn.className = btnClass;
		btn.innerHTML = toggle.innerHTML;
		btn.setAttribute("aria-expanded", false);
		btn.setAttribute("id", attrName + internalId++);
		btn.setAttribute("aria-controls", toggle.getAttribute(dataAttr));

		toggle.innerHTML = "";
		return btn;

	// Prestating the container class in the HTML allows the CSS to render before JS kicks in.
	// Add container class to parent if not prestated
  var _setUpToggleParent = function (toggle) {
    var parent = toggle.parentElement;
    if (parent && !parent.className.match(attrName + "container")) {
      //parent.classList.add(attrName + "container");
      parent.className += " " + attrName + "container";

  var _addToggleSVG = function (toggle) {
    var clone = toggle.cloneNode(true);
    if (!clone.innerHTML.match("svg")) {

			// HTML SVG definition allows more control
      clone.innerHTML += "<svg role=presentational focusable=false class=" + dataAttr.replace("data-", "") + "-svg-plus><use class=\"use-plus\" xlink:href=\"#icon-vert\" /><use xlink:href=\"#icon-hori\"/></svg>";
      //requestAnimationFrame(function () {
        toggle.parentElement.replaceChild(clone, toggle);
    return clone;

  var _setUpTargetAria = function (toggle, target) {
    target.setAttribute("aria-hidden", !_isExpanded(toggle));
    target.setAttribute("aria-labelledby", toggle.id);

  var _resetAllTargetsMaxHeight = function () {
    var toggles = document.querySelectorAll("[" + dataAttr + "]");
    var i = toggles.length;
    var target;
    while (i--) {
      target = document.getElementById(toggles[i].getAttribute(dataAttr));
      if (target) {
        target.style.maxHeight = _getHiddenObjectHeight(target) + "px";

	var isMustardCut = function () {
		return (document.querySelectorAll && document.addEventListener);

	var _openIfRequired = function (toggle, target) {
		var fragmentId = window.location.hash.replace("#", "");
		// Expand by default "data-pab-expand" small delay applied
		if (toggle.parentElement.hasAttribute(dataExpandAttr)) {
			setTimeout(function () {
				_openCloseToggleTarget(toggle, target, _isExpanded(toggle));
			}, 500);

		// Check url fragment and if target ID matches, open it
		if (target.id === fragmentId) {
			setTimeout(function () {
				_openCloseToggleTarget(toggle, target, false);
			}, 500);


	var addSingleToggleTarget = function (toggleParent) {

		var targetId = toggleParent.getAttribute(dataAttr);
		var target = document.getElementById(targetId);
		var toggle;

		if (target && isMustardCut) {
			toggle = _setUpToggle(toggleParent);
			toggle = _addToggleSVG(toggle);
			_setUpTargetAria(toggle, target);
			_openIfRequired(toggle, target);
  var hashChanged = function (e) {
    var fragmentId = window.location.hash.replace("#", "");
    var toggle = document.querySelector("#" + fragmentId + " > ." + btnClass);
    var target = document.getElementById(toggle.getAttribute("aria-controls"));
    if (!toggle || !target) {return false;}

    toggle.scrollIntoView({behavior: "smooth", block: "start", inline: "nearest"});

    _openCloseToggleTarget(toggle, target, false);

  var addToggles = function () {

		// Iterate over all toggles (elements with the "data-pab" attribute)
		var togglesMap = $("[" + dataAttr + "]").reduce(function (temp, toggleParent) {
			return true;
		}, {});

    return true;

	if (isMustardCut) {
		window.addEventListener("load", addToggles, false);

		// Recalculate all target max-heights after (debounced) window is resized.
		window.addEventListener("resize", debounce(_resetAllTargetsMaxHeight, 500), false);
    // On fragment change
		window.addEventListener("hashchange", hashChanged, false);

  return {
    // Exposes an addition function to the global scope allowing toggle & target to be added dynamically.
		add: addSingleToggleTarget

}(window, document, debounce));

// To add dynamically created toggles:
// Pab.add(toggle-object); // Add individual toggle & target

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