Dirty ’orrible ’acky Safari resize fix

Safari only: Fix for onresize inside an iframe (vw & vh too).
For example: In a Codepen iframe.

Is JavaScript no?
// Safari only - Fix for onresize inside a Codepen iframe
(function () {
  var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
  if (ua.indexOf('safari') != -1) {
    if (!(ua.indexOf('chrome') > -1)) {

      // Safari only
      console.log("99 problems and Safari's just one.");
      window.addEventListener("resize", function() {
      }, false);

Couldn’t find a repair for Safari failing to recalculate iframe and vw / vh sizes when the browser is resized, so wrote this.

It’s certainly a dirty ’orrible ’acky fix, not recommended for production, but make’s a good starter for ten.

Uses Fluid-responsive font-sizes for testing purposes.

Pens by Mike FoskettwebSemantics