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                <form id="transforms">
  <p style="text-align:left">Try stacking transforms by clicking "apply transform" and then add another.</p>
  <select id="transforms-select">
    <option data-transform="translate">translate (x [y])</option>
    <option data-transform="scale">scale (x [y])</option>
    <option data-transform="rotate">rotate (a [x y])</option>
    <option data-transform="skewX">skewX (a)</option>
    <option data-transform="skewY">skewY (a)</option>
    <option data-transform="matrix">matrix</option>
  <div class="translate-field" data-transform="translate">
    x: <input type=range min=-500 max=500 value=0>
    y: <input type=range min=-500 max=500 value=0>
  <div class="translate-field" data-transform="scale">
    x: <input type=range min=-5.0 max=5.0 value=1.0 step="0.1">
    y: <input type=range min=-5.0 max=5.0 value=1.0 step="0.1">
  <div class="translate-field" data-transform="skewX">
    a: <input type=range min=-100 max=100 value=1>
  <div class="translate-field" data-transform="skewY">
    a: <input type=range min=-100 max=100 value=1>
  <div class="translate-field" data-transform="rotate">
    a: <input type=range min=-360 max=360 value=0>
    x: <input type=range min=-500 max=1000 value=500>
    y: <input type=range min=-500 max=1000 value=500>
  <button>apply transform</button>
  <div id="results">result: </div>
<svg xmlns="">
  <title>HTML5 Logo</title>
  <g id="apply-transforms">
    <polygon fill="#E44D26" points="107.644,470.877 74.633,100.62 437.367,100.62 404.321,470.819 255.778,512 			"/>
    <polygon fill="#F16529" points="256,480.523 376.03,447.246 404.27,130.894 256,130.894 			"/>
    <polygon fill="#EBEBEB" points="256,268.217 195.91,268.217 191.76,221.716 256,221.716 256,176.305 255.843,176.305 142.132,176.305 143.219,188.488 154.38,313.627 256,313.627"/>
    <polygon fill="#EBEBEB" points="256,386.153 255.801,386.206 205.227,372.55 201.994,336.333 177.419,336.333 156.409,336.333 162.771,407.634 255.791,433.457 256,433.399"/>
    <path d="M108.382,0h23.077v22.8h21.11V0h23.078v69.044H152.57v-23.12h-21.11v23.12h-23.077V0z"/>
    <path d="M205.994,22.896h-20.316V0h63.72v22.896h-20.325v46.148h-23.078V22.896z"/>
    <path d="M259.511,0h24.063l14.802,24.26L313.163,0h24.072v69.044h-22.982V34.822l-15.877,24.549h-0.397l-15.888-24.549v34.222h-22.58V0z"/>
    <path d="M348.72,0h23.084v46.222h32.453v22.822H348.72V0z"/>
    <polygon fill="#FFFFFF" points="255.843,268.217 255.843,313.627 311.761,313.627 306.49,372.521 255.843,386.191 255.843,433.435 348.937,407.634 349.62,399.962 360.291,280.411 361.399,268.217 349.162,268.217"/>
    <polygon fill="#FFFFFF" points="255.843,176.305 255.843,204.509 255.843,221.605 255.843,221.716 365.385,221.716 365.385,221.716 365.531,221.716 366.442,211.509 368.511,188.488 369.597,176.305"/>



                svg {
  position: absolute;
  z-index: -1;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;

form {
  position: absolute;
  right: 10%;
  top: 10%;
  z-index: 9999999;
  text-align: right;
  background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7);
  border: 3px solid #ddd;
  padding: 0 20px 20px;
  width: 50%;
  min-width: 500px;

form select,
form input {
  font-size: 18px;


                var $fields = $('.translate-field').hide(),
    $results = $("#results"),
    $applyTransforms = $("#apply-transforms"),
    transforms = [],
    result = '';

selectedTransform = $fields.first().data('transform');

$("#transforms-select").on("change", function(){
  selectedTransform = $(this).find(":selected").data('transform');
  $('.translate-field[data-transform="' + selectedTransform + '"]').show();

$(".translate-field").on("change", function(){
  var copyTransforms = transforms.slice(0);
  copyTransforms.push( getNewTransform() );

$("#transforms").on("submit", function(e){
  transforms.push( getNewTransform() );
  return false;

function getNewTransform() {
  var transformVal = $.map($('input:visible'), function(input){ 
    return $(input).val();
  }).join(' ');
  return selectedTransform + '(' + transformVal + ')';

function renderTransforms(t) {
  $applyTransforms.attr('transform', t.join(' '));
  $results.text('result: ' + t.join(' '));