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A fast implementation of an loading indicator idea that I had :-)


  1. Nice! That's pretty brilliant.

  2. I'm guessing animating border colors performs better than rotations...? Either way, nice work.

  3. Nathan Long: Thanks. Sure, could also be done with rotations and animation steps. But animate borders seems easier to me :-)

  4. simple,elegant and high performance. nice job :) transform: rotate(xdeg) is messier and pseudo's wont ever animate on old webkit versions stuck in phones

  5. Interesting and novel. Kind of Esher-ish. I would be interested in seeing some odd-sided polygons, I think they might look dramatically different.

  6. Thanks a lot. Mh, odd-sided polygon – nice idea. Maybe I'll try it out once.

  7. @mobibob Here's my try with odd sided polygon (pantagon) http://codepen.io/0x04/pen/BfAzv

  8. Simple, performant and a few of retro style. I love it :)

  9. line 4 CSS code: $borderColor1 Thats like a CSS variable, huh? , this might help with some code issues Im having, cool thanks .

  10. @webisers Please note that this pen is uses the SCSS preprocessor. Plain CSS have unfortunately no variables support, yet :-/

  11. Hey! I really like these spinners and was looking to implement them in a site that I am building for a local restaurant but thought it best to ask permission first :-). Thanks

  12. @apamphilon Sure, you can post the link here if you're done :-) Would be nice to see it in production.

  13. Thanks, that's great, I will do!

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