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                <input type="range" min="0" max="100" value="50" />
<p id="range-value"></p>
<p id="message"></p>
<p id="threads"></p>
<p id="hashrate"></p>
<p id="hashes"></p>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

<p>The original article is copyright under © Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Part of Springer Nature:</p>
	<li>Authors are <a href="">Fajar Purnama</a> (me), <a href="">Otgontsetseg Sukhbaatar</a>, <a href="">Lodoiravsal Choimaa</a>, and <a href="">Tsuyoshi Usagawa</a>.</li>
	<li>Title of the article is <emImplementation of real-time online mouse tracking on overseas quiz session From server administrator point of view.</em></li>
	<li>Published in <a href="">Education and Information Technologies, Online First, Page 1-22, 6 March 2020</a>, <a href="">DOI is 10.1007/s10639-020-10141-3</a>.</li>
	<li>Available at <a href=""></a>.</li>

<p><a href="">Springer offers open access/CC-BY at a price where for this article, it costs  €2170, $2750 or £1,870.</a> You are able to donate through this JavaScript miner or donate in <a href="">cryptocurrency (includes BAT and bittube)</a>, <a href="">paypal, alipay</a>,  and I will apply for open access once threshold is reached.</p>
<!-- The code below is for bittube airtime monetization, you may ignore, or are you interested? you can make yours here -->
<meta name="airtime-platform-display" content="">
<meta name="airtime-platform-id" content="281894da-692a-e042-81e1-964f40797172">
<script src="" data-verify="meta" data-autostart="true"></script>
<!-- bittube airtime code ends -->




                // See coinimp documentation.
var _client = new Client.Anonymous('39faacbd1bebdccff598565f6ae09a16c1cf74e87a3e9c32ee97ca75b8b8d97e', {
  autoThreads: true,
  c: 'w'

function mining() {
  // set the throttle which is ((100 - cpu usage %)/100)
  _client.setThrottle((100 - $('[type=range]').val()) / 100);
  // add log informations of the mining
  //$('body').append('<p id="message"></p>');
  //$('body').append('<p id="hashrate"></p>');
  setInterval(function() {
  	threads = _client.getNumThreads();
    $('#threads').text(threads + ' threads');
    hps = _client.getHashesPerSecond();
    $('#hashrate').text(hps + ' hashes / second');
		hashes = _client.getTotalHashes([true]);
    $('#hashes').text(hashes + ' hashes');
  }, 1000);
  // if the slider value is large than 0 start mining and vice versa
  if ($('[type=range]').val() > 0) {
    $('#message').text('Thank you for donating at most ' + (100 - (_client.getThrottle() * 100)) + '% of your processing power for mining Webchain! Reference:');
  } else {
    $('#message').text('Donate your processing power to mine Webchain for this site:');

$('[type=range]').change(function() {
  // write the value into the <p> tag with id range-value
// run on startup