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  1. Very well done! Nice job!

  2. Hello, -a, I've created a fork for your demo with upgraded version of vue.js v2.0 check it here - http://codepen.io/shershen08/pen/xROOxw

  3. Hi Mkie. The idea was to make the app with less than 100 lines of code. You've got 106. :-)

  4. hi -a thx for the sample :) , great job !

  5. Ported to Vue2 and new router: codepen.io/mevdschee/pen/BpbEbj

  6. Thank for the tuto.

    in index.js, in var products = [ , i would like to know how to receive mysql data from a table instead ( with json for exemple)



  7. I think maybe if you store the information in LocalStorage, and exporting a json file for the products you added, this can be very simple. I do this in the label generator for e-shop mailing using Correios ....

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