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These are the slides for my talk @ CodePen Day in Hamburg. Arrow left/ right to move from one slide to the next. Enter should also work for advancing to the next slide. Arrow down/ up to move in between slide sections. PgUp/ PgDn to skip a couple of slides in either direction.

I'm a big talker and thought, "hey, I want to create UI with my mouth." This is a very early proof of concept. It's primitive!

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Twig Cheat Sheet

Twig of Twigs

guy kicking Godzilla's butt

If you've every wanted to kick Godzilla's butt, now is the time! Break out your keyboard and flex those keys to the heat of a laser. Once you hit...

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Remix CodePen Challenge: Profile Card

Entries to the Envato Remix challenge, run through CodePen.

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100 Buttons

Personal challenge to make 100 different button hover effects