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This is my first attempt at Perlin Noise, which uses flow fields and connects lines, and p5. The number in the bottom left corner is the frame rate. The animation runs for 30 seconds then stops looping. This does use WebGL to improve performance. As seen in the bottom left, the performance is still rather poor (always below 30 fps), so I'll be looking into how to make this more performant.

Working with a post effect stack with HDR rendering (and adaptive tonemapping -- though that's coming and going) and Bloom. Yay bloom.

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The Scope Chain

In JavaScript, scope is the context in which code is executed.

So, let's look at what is the scope chain.

  function b() { console.log(x);}function a() { var x = 1; b();}var x = 5;a();

What do you...

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Remix CodePen Challenge: Profile Card

Entries to the Envato Remix challenge, run through CodePen.

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Self: Demoscene

Flashy and/or retro effects inspired by the demoscene of the 80s and 90s.