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Your Team, on CodePen

CodePen PRO Teams are for working together.

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Some Teams using CodePen:

Teams are a way to work together on CodePen.

People who are on the same team have shared access to CodePen in a way that allows you to work together better.

  • Everyone can create and edit Team Pens.
  • Everyone can upload and access Assets.
  • Everyone can curate Collections.
  • Everyone can see and manage Private Pens/Posts/Collections.

Everyone does this under a shared and united profile. Together you are one, on CodePen.

See the Docs on Teams →

Example of Team Leader and Receipt

Teams have shared billing and are managed by an owner.

Part of the convenience of PRO Teams is that the billing is combined. Only one payment needs to be made that covers all members. Team size can be adjusted so you're just paying for what you need.

The Team Owner can add and remove Team Members at any time, and the ownership of the Team can be transferred at any time.

Everybody is PRO.

The Team itself has all the PRO features on CodePen. That means the Team can do things like upload Assets, use views like Collab, Professor, Presentation, and Live View, and apply custom CSS to Posts, Profiles, and Embeds.

Beyond that, all members of the Team also become PRO. Even when they aren't using CodePen in the Team Context.

Screenshots of PRO features like Collab and Professor Mode
Some Teams using CodePen:

Example of Context Switching in User Menu

Team members can use CodePen as themselves as well.

Just because you are on a Team doesn't mean that you can only use CodePen as part of that Team. In fact, you can switch back and forth in and out of Team Context with a single click. No logging in and out.

Use CodePen to recruit and hire for your company.

Businesses use CodePen PRO Teams not only as a way to collaborate amongst themselves, but also as a way to show the world what they are up to. That's useful for recruiting! People want to be part of teams doing demonstrably cool things.

If you are actively hiring, you may find it useful to use CodePen to interview your potential candidates. We've heard from companies like Lyft, Square, Mobify, and Razorfish that do just that.

Collection of Pens Used for Interviewing

Who uses CodePen PRO Teams?

Here's some examples!

Feature List PRO Super PRO Team PRO
Collab Mode 2 6 Each member gets 6
Professor Mode 10 35 Each member gets 35
Live View
Presentation Mode
Debug View No log in required No log in required No log in required
Asset Hosting
Total Size
Max Single File Size
1 GB
2 MB
5 GB
3 MB
10 GB team / 5 GB members
3 MB
Privacy Pens, Posts, Collections Pens, Posts, Collections Pens, Posts, Collections
No Ads
You See No Ads
No Ads on Your Stuff
Higher Standing in Popularity Algorithm
Send to Phone SMS 100 1,000 1,000
Use Pen in Header of Profile
PRO Badge
Embed Themes
Unlimited Themes
Custom CSS
Hide Tab Bar & Logo
Pen Templates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PRO Perks Yup Yup Yup
Some Teams using CodePen:

Any questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you might have.

We're also happy to try and accommodate any special needs your Team might have. For example, we know that some organizations need to pay for things via purchase order with special terms. We'll do our best to accommodate things like that.

Email us! support@codepen.io