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Keep Your Work Secret with
Private Pens

Mark your in-progress work as Private, so nobody can see your Pens until you want them to. Or, use a secret shareable URL to share it only with people you choose.

Private pens are unlicensed, so you may apply your own before sharing so that you retain full ownership.

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Easily Upload Files with
Asset Hosting

Need to use an image in a Pen? No more awkwardly finding alternate hosting for it, you can drag-and-drop it right onto CodePen and we'll host it for you.

And it doesn't have to be just images. It could be CSS, JavaScript, a PDF you want to link up, a short movie file, some JSON to request, really anything!

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Auto Updating Previews in
Live View

See the results of your code on multiple computers or devices as-you-type. Great for mobile testing or if you prefer having a full-page preview to watch as you work.

If those other devices can receive text messages, you can send over the live URL directly from the editor just by entering the phone number. Works anywhere in the world!

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Match Your Site's Style With
Unlimited Embed Themes

Your website has a unique look, so why should the code and demos you provide there look generic? The CodePen Embed Builder allows you to build themes to completely customize the look of Embedded Pens. Change the look of your site? Just change the theme and all your Embedded Pens change too.

As a PRO, you'll be able to build unlimited themes, remove the branding, and even use your own totally custom CSS.

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Pair Program Across the World in
Collab Mode

Live collaboration on code. Multiple people can type and edit code in a Pen at the same time, all while still seeing the live preview. There is a chat area too, all for the best in long distance pair programming!

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Get Discounts Elsewhere With
PRO Perks

CodePen PRO can pay for itself in an instant when you take advantage of the savings we offer on other products and services in our PRO Perks section. These are companies that we specifically like and chose to work with.

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Some of CodePen PRO Perks

Teach a Classroom of Students in
Professor Mode

Have students watch you work in real time! Every key press and click is shown live. Better than video - the students can interact with the code, see it live rendering, and participate in group chat.

Students can even pause and play around with the code, and then catch back up to you with a single click.

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Feature List PRO Super PRO Team PRO
Collab Mode 2 6 Each member gets 6
Professor Mode 10 35 Each member gets 35
Live View
Presentation Mode
Debug View No log in required No log in required No log in required
Asset Hosting
Total Size
Max Single File Size
1 GB
2 MB
5 GB
3 MB
10 GB team / 5 GB members
3 MB
Privacy Pens, Posts, Collections Pens, Posts, Collections Pens, Posts, Collections
No Ads
You See No Ads
No Ads on Your Stuff
Higher Standing in Popularity Algorithm
Send to Phone SMS 100 1,000 1,000
Use Pen in Header of Profile
PRO Badge
Embed Themes
Unlimited Themes
Custom CSS
Hide Tab Bar & Logo
Pen Templates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PRO Perks Yup Yup Yup