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This is a thing i definitely plan to take advantage of. Thoughts and ideas on the right way (obviously) to do practical things in the front end. No pictures made of 10,000...

Tablet layout concept

There was a recent discussion on #famous IRC channel about the usage of a draggable and the lack of examples. That day I decided I should make one. A draggable is a very...

Clocks and Timers

CSS or JS Clocks - Yay!

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ScrollMagic Tutorials

Demos for the WIKI of ScrollMagic

My CSS Polyhedra

* pure CSS * regular, quasi-regular, semi-regular polyhedra * Archimedean solids * Johnson solids * Catalan solids * polyhedra that explode, pieces then recombining into other 3D shapes * polyhedra whose faces morph, disappear/ appear, making the whole thing turn into another 3D shape

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