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Full-Width Embedded Videos with Placeholder Images

The Dilemma

I recently had a client who wanted to feature an image on their site that, when clicked, would reveal a YouTube video over top of it. Both the placeholder image and the video needed to be full-width and responsive, and they also wanted a play button and a close button to appear when appropriate. I searched for a solution to this, but was unable to find anything that suited all of the client's needs, so I decided to try writing this from scratch. Check out the pen and my code below (and be sure to check out the full page too):

React + Value Transforms

After a short time with Facebook's React I found the need to intercept the properties coming into my components so I could transform them appropriately. Eventually I settled on a pattern involving value transformers. But before I discuss that let's look at how properties work in React.


Particle effects, fun!

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JS Jump Start

All demos from GSAP JS Jump Start. Visit to learn more about the features demonstrated.

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