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UIToCode 3: Material Music

Testing Codepen's projects with this fully functional music app concept. For more info check https://github.com/emoreno911/UI-to-Code.

Angular Jokes

Angular project in code pen

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AudioVis Codevember #8

Part Two: Random Cool New Features

So this next section I did ponder for a while. I could take you straight on to a much better way of creating visuals within the DOM, but before I do that I want to...

Using Trello as a CMS

I'm revamping my web development portfolio, and once I figured out approximately what I wanted to do with the layout, I had to confront the perennial question—how to deal with the data backend. I...

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My own exploration of Brutalism in Web design and development. How can we translate Brutalist concepts to website design?

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A collection of Canvas/JS amazing stuff.

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A collection of pet related Codepens to celebrate #LoveYourPetDay