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Keeping you warm while you wait - don't forget to poke it!

Inspired by this wonderful shot

Here it is with sound.


  1. Puts mine to shame 😆

  2. Hey Chris! Cool to finally connect with you on Codepen. Great work, impressive technique and colors, inspecting now o_0 hehe

  3. I was gonna complement you on the easing... just noticed 'custom ease' plugin. I have yet to try since Jack announced that. Finally cubic-bezier freedom for gsap

  4. @drewendly Thanks Drew - yes CustomEase is a real game changer - we now have unbelievable control over (e)motion. Don't forget to download the very latest ZIP from GreenSock.com - it was updated to this version of CustomEase only very recently.

  5. Great work. i ll try to understand your js..i don't!

  6. @yannrewind Thanks! I firmly believe in plain and simple code that others can read, especially on CodePen so hopefully it should be fairly straightforward..maybe... ;)

  7. :) i m still a nooby in developpment but i ll try to understand. i think i need a professor like you cause it s not easy to learn alone !

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