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What Makes CodePen Different

I've read quite a few reviews of CodePen over the years. I'm grateful for all of them. It's pretty cool to build something that means enough to someone else they care to write about it. But, they...

The Difference Between Chaining and Callbacks

I had someone write in about this as related to my course Learning jQuery From Scratch. It might seem obvious after you've learned it, but I can remember being confused about it so I can relate.


Design is Hard: The Considerations Behind Resizeable Editors, a Minor Design Feature

We've just released a new feature in the editor here on CodePen: drag-resizeable editors. We wanted you to be able to drag the editors manually to the size you want. On paper, that design decision...

Updating the Typography on Posts

We recently dropped the custom @font-face font we were using on most of CodePen. Purely for performance reasons. It's so nice to see text just immediately pop up and be readable and usable. While...

CodePen's CSS

Inspired by Mark Otto's tour of GitHub's CSS and Ian Feather's tour of Lonely Planet's CSS, I thought I would join the party and talk about how we do CSS at CodePen.


[1] We use SCSS.

[2] We...