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	<title>Benefits Overview</title>
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<section class="box-container">
      <header>We built the company that we’d want to do business with. We hope you do too.</header>
      <div class="column">
        <div class="belief top">
          <h3 style="padding-left: 5px; width: 25px;">1</h3>
          <h4>Useful is forever</h4>
          <p>Bells and whistles wear off, but usefulness never does. We build useful software that does just what you need and nothing you don’t.</p>
        <div class="belief">
          <h4>Great service is everything</h4>
          <p>We’re famous for fast and friendly customer service. We work hard to make sure we live up to that reputation every day. See how our customers rate our service.</p>
        <div class="belief">
          <h4>Clarity is king</h4>
          <p>Buzzwords, lingo, and sensationalized sales-and-marketing-speak have no place at 37signals. We communicate clearly and honestly.</p>
        <div class="belief bottom">
          <h4>Our customers are our investors</h4>
          <p>Our customers fund our daily operations by paying for our products. We answer to them — not investors, the stock market, or a board of directors.</p>
      <div class="column end">
        <div class="belief top">
          <h4>The basics are beautiful</h4>
          <p>We’ll never overlook what really matters: The basics. Great service, ease of use, honest pricing, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust.</p>
        <div class="belief">
          <h4>No hidden fees or secret prices</h4>
          <p>We believe everyone is entitled to the best price we can offer. Our prices are public, published right on our site, and the same no matter who you are.</p>
        <div class="belief">
          <h4>Software should be easy</h4>
          <p>Our products are intuitive. You’ll pick them up in seconds or minutes, not hours, days or weeks. We don’t sell you training because you don’t need it.</p>
        <div class="belief bottom">
          <h4>Long-term contracts are obscene</h4>
          <p>No one likes being locked into something they don’t want anymore. Our customers can cancel at any time, no questions asked. No setup/termination fees either.</p>



              /* General font assignment for all headers */

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, header { 
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} /* <--- THIS IS IRNORED ???? */

header {
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} h2 {

/*Formatting for columns of the box */

div.column {
}, body.index div.column.end {

div.column div.belief {
  text-align: left;
  font-family: "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", Verdana, sans-serif;
  line-height: 1.4em;
  font-size: 12px;
  overflow: hidden;
  margin: 20px 0;

div.column { margin-top: 0; }
div.column div.belief.bottom { margin-bottom: 0; }

div.column div.belief h3 { float: left; font-size: 58px; font-weight: 500; line-height: normal; margin: -10px 15px 0 0; color: #ccc; width: 30px; }

div.column div.belief h4 {
  font-family: "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", Verdana, sans-serif;
  font-size: 16px;
  margin: 5px 0;
  color: #cc0000;

div.column div.belief p {
  margin: 0 0 0 45px;
  font-family: "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", Verdana, sans-serif;



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