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The Once & Future SVG Essentials

Slide over to the O'Reilly Radar blog to check out The Once and Future SVG, a post I put together (with input from David Eisenberg) about the history and future of SVG on the web, with some fun...

<figure> Me This

Dear CodePenners,

If you can spare a moment from your spinning loaders, your parallax scrollers, and your animated metaballs, I would like to introduce you to <figure>. I think you two could...

Breaking Down Boxes with CSS Shapes

For my last (and first) CodePen blog post, I wrote about CSS Variables, a feature currently available only in Firefox. This time, I'm trying out a new feature first available in webkit (Chrome and...

Customizable SVG Icons with CSS Variables

When you re-use SVG graphics with the <use> element, it inherits CSS styles from the new context. If the graphic you're re-using applies inherited styles, they can be customized in each icon...